Saturday, May 01, 2010


I HAVE been away from my blog in a long time....

Life just gets in the way doesn't it.

Where I stored all of my soapmaking supplies was flooded, TONS of items ruined and I haven't had the heart to replace anything or to even make anything since then. I even had someone else clean up the area because it was too depressing for me to even so that.

Knitting, well that is a horse of a different color. I took a break from that too because of my life. I JUST got back to it again for the umpteenth time. I have been being boring and just making simple hats for co-workers. Various shades, various, yarns, etc. to try to get that creative energy flowing.

Miss Sunshine is doing as well as to be expected. She is still at the school that offers the ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) services. She still has prize winning moments and as my mom puts it, becomes unplugged often. Her team of specialists (BSC, TSS, MT, Speech) really work at helping her and me with getting Miss Sunshine to function daily. It Can be exhausting but, it does have its rewards.

With all this, The Princess has shown so colors and has been diagnosed with ODD (oppositional defiance disorder) and Impulse control issues. She had to be removed from her regular school and now attends a behavior support class. Her IQ is still off the charts so the school district offers her more of a 1-on-1 education daily and sends her to a gifted program 2.5 hours a week.

I have done a lot of escapism in the form of reading non-stop. Books, fan-fiction, the princess's writings... keeps my mind in an alternative world.

Work exists and keeps me busy and the girls do come there twice a week while I work so it helps.

Perhaps I will have more to post here soon. Perhaps not but, I just wanted tog et some thoughts down for now.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Without Her Sister

Miss Sunshine doesn't really see to mind nights without her sister. She gets Mom all to her sister. Now she gets to watch what she wants without a fight and later she gets to have her Ita (maternal grandmother) and Pop-pop all to herself.

Miss Sunshine loves her big sister and she is one of her favorite people but, some times, she loves a mini-vacation away. If it is longer then she does start asking when is she coming home.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Fun Birthday Party

The girls went to a very fun birthday party today for one of their female cousin's today. It was a Princess themed party where they got dressed in Princess costumes and went through a story about a princess, had their faces painted, went on a scavenger hunt and had cake and juice. It wasn't over the top but very cute.

Although it was a bit on the young side for the Princess, she did go along with everything especially after I took away her book and make her look at what was going on around her. Miss Sunshine, however, she put on the dress and for an hour insisted she get her face painted (they mentioned it in the beginning and didn't do it till almost the end) but other than that, didn't do much else. She entertained my Aunt and Uncle and my new baby cousin, had cake, of course, but not quite the party for her. You win some, you lose some, but, I think she did have fun in her own way.

The Princess then left for the Poconos with her dad. Miss Sunshine doesn't go anywhere with out her Mommy.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Miss Tina

The Princess is so excited today! She gets to take Tina into camp today and show her off. For those of you who forget, Tina is our Russian Tortoise.

We are already busy this morning making a travel home for her. A box, some hay, some food and of course some treats Dandelions.

I hope Tina makes it through the day ;-)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Miss Sunshine's School

I got a call yesterday and found out all of Miss Sunshine's school testing is complete and her report is written.

They are recommending that she go to the other school with the Autism program. Yes, she will get a bus. Everyone keeps asking me that. I am not sure why but it seems like the first question that pops out. I will know more next week when I meet with the psychologist.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

1812 Overture

Took the Princess for the first time to hear the 1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky with live cannons at the end of the piece last night.


It is, of course, one of my all time favorites as well

She loved the fireworks dispaly after as well

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Side Note

The Princess actually just reminded me I haven't knittedin a while and when was I going to finish we dolls "official" dress?

Wow when your kid notices you don't knit you are in trouble LOL

PS Miss Sunshine is actually been usually my needles as swords... that is how "rusty" my needles are... sigh....

Thursday, July 03, 2008

America's Birthday

The Princess is going to the Poconos with her father and grandmother for the long holiday weekend but, Miss Sunshine wants to stay home with Mommy. lately she does want to stray to far from me.

We did get invited to a few BBQs, and we plan to spend a day in our PJs.

The Princess does need a holiday away from her sister. she is a TERRIFIC big sister but when you are ask of so much you do deserve a break.

I won't go see firework with Miss Sunshine since she hates loud noises but, I hope the princess does. She loves them