Monday, May 19, 2008

It Has Been a Long Time

Over a Month Since I have Written, WOW!

Little Miss Sunshine turned 5 on April 9Th and she thought the entire month was her birthday. She expected cake and presents the entire month. Whew, that is exhausting! We did not do too much for her birthday other than a family birthday dinner and I brought green cupcakes into her class at school. Of course green, where you expecting something different?

Transitioning to a new schedule with my working has been difficult all the way around but, I think the girls and I are finally okay with it. Both girls spend 3 days with my Mom and my Mom takes Miss Sunshine to all her therapy sessions which works out very well. The other two days, Miss Sunshine stays till 5:30 in school and my MIL picks her up on one of those days and I get to pick her up on the other which makes her very happy. My MIL gets The Princess off the bus those two days and she seems to be okay with it but, she waits for the days she is with my Mom or me to do her homework.

What is great about these new arrangements is that the girls and I eat dinner together at a table as a family more often.

However, now that I step away from Miss Sunshine, I can now see more clearly what others see. At the end of April I went to visit this school in our school district that is a regular school but, they have an Autism program for kids on the spectrum. At first I was resistant before I went to go see it but once I was there, it made perfect sense for Miss Sunshine. All her therapy would be right there. She could have the best of all worlds. Now they have put out the carrot, lets see if they will place her there.

The Princess is thriving!! She has had some rough spots but, I think we are over her hurdles and and she is ready to take on what lies ahead. She is definitely not like any first or second grader I have ever known and remember I work for an after school program. She is Mom's little helper. The day before Mother's Day she and I spent the day together doing a little shopping, going to lunch together, painting some pottery and just having quality Mother and daughter day. I try to do more of that kind of thing for her knowing her sister takes up a lot of time.

As for me, knitting is still on the back burner. Every so often, I take out some of my favorite yarns and look them over or look up a favorite pattern and say "YES!!" I am going to knit you one of these days. I will get my schedule in gear one of these days. Warmer weather is coming and if it stays drying long enough, I can start taking the girls to the park more often on the weekends. I can then go back to knitting in the park. Till then it is only reading patterns and thinking about knitting.