Monday, December 19, 2005

Tick Tock

The holidays are coming closer and closer, will I get everything done in time?
My husband came home from his holiday party on Friday night and tells me, wouldn't it be nice if I made a few of those fluffy scarves for his manager and VP. I was like what!?!?! Thankfully I already had one done and could possibly easily whip up another. I started it on Saturday soon after he mentioned this to me and am half way done.
I took my needles with me to my Mom's yesterday and showed my sister and mom the new scarf I was knitting and the two, who already told me they didn't want scarves, were going ooh and ahh all over the one I am making for hubby's co-worker and both asked for it!?!?! There is no way I'd have time to make them scarves too and the slippers I need to knit and I want to make something for myself.
Thankfully I finished the scarf for my SIL already. Hopefully I will be able to finally start my Afghan in January

another picture of my slippers

Saturday, December 17, 2005

My First actually Project since Back to Knitting

Here it is, my first project since I am back. I made it for my oldest daughter who selected the yarn herself. Actually, she is quite yarn addicted. I can't walk into a place that sells yarn with her nor look at a yarn catalog with her peeking over because she selects a ball or skein or 4 and how could I refuse her?

Anywho..... I looked at this sitting there yesterday and was thinking, should I frog and make it into something else, like the slippers? Smack me for thinking that!! My daughter loves her scarf. She even took it for show and tell at school (awww) I will say that I do just love, love, love, this yarn. If you can't tell (which I am sure you can) it is the same kind of yarn the slippers are made out of. It is so thick and warm and very easy to use. Perfect for the novice. Use a 15, 17 or 19 needle and it goes FAST

Friday, December 16, 2005


Okay, so I picking up knitting again after almost a 25 year hiatus. Being a person with an addictive personality who never got addicted to the regular stuff (cigarettes, alcohol, drugs) I throw myself into what ever catches my fancy at the moment. I have been going CRAZY with knitting. Forsaking almost everything else (I Could never give up soapmaking) My oldest daughter asked for slippers. Of course I had to comply. Since I am still considered a novice knitter, I had to find a pattern that was extremely easy for this knitter to do. I searched the Internet till I found the PERFECT pattern. Found it.

Slipper Pattern - I used a bulky yarn for this to knit up very quickly.

Cast on 36 (or 42 for large size) stitches on size 10 1/2 straight needles.
Garter st until piece measures 4 inches.
BO 4 stitches (5) at beginning of next 2 rows so you end up with 28 (32)--it is important to have a # divisible by 4 so as to keep in pattern later on.
Garter st along for 2 more inches, then begin pattern which is k3p1 for next 10 rows
Now decrease for 2 rows by k2tog
Thread yarn needle through the remaining live stitches 7 (8) to make toe and then sew finished piece up You will have a "big bootie" type slippers.

Where to begin?! So why begin a blog?

I had been getting along just fine without one. Why jump on the bandwagon now? I was asked on one of my soap making groups to write my bio since we have all been chatting for so long without really knowing each other. Well, that just got my writing going. The darn bio is now a novel (which I will not be posting) I can't turn it off. This writing thing. I figure it will be a great way to express what I am creating as well as express my thoughts and views on what is going on in my little world. Plus, it gives me a chance to speak to other grown-ups after spending my day with two little princesses.