Thursday, February 07, 2008

"Defeat the Winter Doldrums" Dishcloth Swap Topic of the Week

Please post a picture of your yarn stash for making dishcloths and the notions you use on them. So, 2 pics 1 of dishcloth yarn stash and 1 of your notions you use for making dishcloths.

Well that is pretty simple....

Here is most of my dishcloth cotton stash. What I could find in one place anyway.

I didn't feel like taking a new picture so some where in there are several pairs of size seven needles and one pair missing because, of course, they are currently making a dishcloth.


NH Knitting Mama said...

That is such a pretty needle organizer - did you make it?

Hope all is well with you. Have missed chatting!

Anne said...

Holy cow woman that's a lot of needles :o I don't think I have that many if I put together all my circs and all my straights.