Monday, January 01, 2007

100 + things about me. A work in progress:

100 + things about me a work in progress:

1. I was born and raised in West Philadelphia
2. I have two of the most AMAZING little girls in the world
3. I am allowed to brag about them since I am their mother but I won’t unless you ask
4. I have one older brother and one younger sister both are married
5. My brother has three boys.
6. I am half Hispanic on my Mother’s side
7. That makes me first generation American which I think is SO cool!
8. I spend my summers in Cali, Colombia as a child
9. Those are some of my happiest memories at my Abuelita and Abuelitos home
10. My first language was Spanish
11. I can understand some Italian, French, Portuguese and a little Yiddish
12. I also speak Hebrew
13. I teach Hebrew school
14. My Hebrew name is Tzeral
15. My Middle name is Miriam
16. I am named after my Maternal Great Grandmother (My Mom’s Father’s Mother, did you follow that?)
17. I have been to Panama, Israel, England, Canada and Mexico as well
18. I have driven from Maine to Florida by car
19. I have also been to Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana Colorado and a variety of other states
20. I have been to the Grand Canyon 2 times
21. I can’t wait to take my girls to see it
22. My favorite place in the world is actually Disney World
23. I would go to Disney every year if I could afford it
24. My husband and I went on the Disney Cruise for our honeymoon during its inaugural season
25. I collect Goofy memorabilia
26. Now, thanks to my Little Miss Sunshine I have started to collect Tinkerbell too
27. I have only ever lived on the East Coast of the United States
28. I have only been to California once
29. I have been keeping kosher “style” since I was 16
30. except for the 4 years I was a vegetarian
31. I am highly allergic to wool, mohair, cashmere and most other animal fibers
32. and cats and some types of dogs
33. I was also told I am allergic to soap when I was a baby
34. I guess that is the reason I decided to do some research and make my own soap when I realized that such a thing existed
35. I realized I am not really allergic to soap but unfortunately did realized all the body ingredients I really am allergic to
36. I won’t list them here because the list is too long.
37. I hate to do housework
38. I’d rather go buy new underwear than run a load of wash
39. I have been wearing glasses since I am 6
40. I wore braces from 5th to 8th grades
41. I had them on for my Bat Mitzvah
42. The photographer did his magic and “zapped’ them out of my formal portrait and that is before computers
43. I am ambidextrous and use my right hand to write and cut with scissors but my left to open and lift
44. I use both hands to knit, a cross between English and Continental
45. I went to Jewish Day schools from preschool through 12th grade
46. When I went to look at colleges, my school was one of the only ones the college recruiter had actually heard of before
47. Made the other kids in the room extremely jealous
48. Made me extremely proud
49. I went to college on Long Island
50. It is the only time I lived away from Pennsylvania for an extended period of time
51. Except when I spend 6 months in Israel in 11th grade
52. I have a Bachelors in International Business
53. I also have an MBA in Marketing Management and Market Research
54. I didn’t knit all through college even though I knew how to and although hind sight is 20/20 I wish I had
55. My favorite color is lavender
56. Growing up it was actually bright yellow for the sun
57. I used to love to play with Barbies
58. I saved them all and now my daughters play with them.
59. I even saved my Barbie Dream House
60. I didn’t read any of the Harry Potter books till book 6 came out
61. I thought I’d wait till my oldest was ready to read them together but who was I kidding
62. I used to play the flute
63. I danced ballet from the time I was 4 till I was 12
64. I was accepted into the Pennsylvania School of Ballet
65. My dad vetoed it
66. I took up Art instead
67. I was accepted into an Advanced art program the same year
68. Dad was okay with that
69. I have a Great Aunt who had a painting hanging in the Philadelphia Museum of Art
70. She also studied at the Barnes Foundation when they ran a program
71. I came within one day of meeting Marc Chagall but he died the day before
72. I still went to his exhibit the next day it was a memorial service instead
73. I wanted to be an eye doctor for the longest time. Till I dissected the frog in 7th grade. Then I had no clue what I wanted to do
74. I still have no clue
75. The job I had between college and grad school was working for a non-profit and kids.
76. I loved that job and wished I could work for that place again but I think they are a little threatened by the fact that I have a MBA now. Bummer.
77. Spring is my favorite season even though I cannot tolerate fresh cut grass, weeds or the scent of freshly growing things
78. I love the smell of the ocean but hate sand
79. I love the heat but not the humidity
80. I hate to get lost, in fact I have an unhealthy fear of it and therefore I am very good about directions and am very good about reading a map
81. I also have a fear of heights and am claustrophobic
82. I am very good in groups and can have a conversation with almost anyone
83. I can come up with a speech on the fly. Give a presentation on almost no notice and teach a class on a subject that I know something about if asked with a few minutes notice.
84. My sister and a few of my closest friends hate this about me because they need weeks of preparation time but it came in handy in college.
85. I love listening to Tchaikovsky, Vivialdi, Billy Joel, U2, Eminem, TLC, lets just I have an eclectic taste in music
86. I have been suffering from migraines since I am 16
87. I HATE them
88. I also suffer from IBS and eczema
89. I had a miscarriage between the Princess and Miss Sunshine and still cry every February 9th the day the baby was due
90. However, if that didn’t happen, I wouldn’t have Miss Sunshine
91. My favorite food dish is a Colombia soup called Sancocho
92. I love Sushi and could eat it almost every day
93. I love wine and right now I am partial to Shiraz or Syrah
94. My birthday is in October
95. I don’t really like celebrating my birthday
96. Although I love my birthstone, Opals
97. I took a gemology class in college with some friends for the fun of it
98. I always remember faces but I never remember names or where I remember the person from. I usually have to ask “where do I know you from?”
99. I miss watching “Star Trek”, “Charmed”, “Buffy”, “Angel” and I used to watch “Little House” too
100. I have meet Eli Weisel, Arlen Spector, Benjamin Netanyahu, Shimon Peres, Ed Rendell, Paula Abdul, and Charro but not at the same time or the same place
101. I love making new friends and have loved meeting all the new people through the knitting swaps and blogs. I especially love it when people leave me comments on my blog (shameless plug for comments, LOL)


Bubblesknits said...

Hey! I used to play the flute, too! How cool is that?

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Hello, fellow Philadelphian!