Saturday, February 10, 2007

Energy and Computers

Wow, has it been over a year since I posted to this blog? I guess it really has. As I look at my soon to be four year old run from a kitchen chair to the couch, across the couch back to the chair, I can see why I can never find the time to do the thing I'd love to do in a day. She can definitely suck the energy right out of you just by watching her. I really and truly have no clue where she gets it all from especially since she doesn't ever sleep. Her bed time might be 8:30 or 9 but that does exactly mean she goes to sleep at that time. Nor does it mean she falls asleep much before 11 some nights. Then on occasion she wakes up in the middle of the sleep cycle to curl up on the floor next to me with her pillow and her blanket. Mind you I have hardwood floors in my bedroom.

She is done with the chair/couch hopping and is now running the length of the playroom and running up and down the stairs to the kitchen repeatedly with some switching to running in circles in the living room. It is too cold to go outside (I am guessing it is definitely below 20 degrees today) so she has decided to run her mini marathon inside the house today. I should get on her exercise program.

I have a good friend who's husband does an Iron Man every year or so and tells me that my little one gives him a run for his money in the energy department. I told him he could take her to train with this summer but he thought perhaps she would tire him out, LOL. When both families go to the playground during the warmer months my friend's husband is always amazed at how she NEVER slows down.

Then again, he has never seen her at the computer. The computer is the only thing my soon to be 4 year old will slow down for. She is already a wiz kid at that. Actually both my girls are very good at the computer already. even before either of them could speak, they could work a mouse. Now if I could only answer the bazillion dollar question, "how do I get them to share a computer?"

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