Thursday, June 12, 2008


Okay, so it really isn't a graduation, per se, but, Miss Sunshine graduated from Pre-school yesterday!! What an amazing accomplishment, for us anyway.

It has been such a topsy turvy year for us with Miss Sunshine and to end it with such an amazing end, I was just shedding tears of joy. She actually did all of the class songs at their ceremony with a little bit of extra guidance from the teacher.

For those that don't know, Miss Sunshine was diagnosed with PDD-NOS (it is an Autism Spectrum disorder) back in November and it had been a Roller Coaster ride for us ever since. We are still on it, especially with not knowing where our school district is going to place her for kindergarten this fall. They are still attempting to test her even though her last day of school was officially today.

She is an amazing little girl who tries to hold it all together for precious moments like her graduation and to steal a few words from one of her graduation songs, she truly was a "Superstar" yesterday!


Monica said...

Congratulations! It's a great accomplishment for Miss Sunshine and your whole family. You should be very proud :)

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, your first graduation, and more to come I'm sure. Hold on to these precious moments! I'm glad you're hanging in there. Now for some summer fun!!

You're sp 12 partner

Channon said...

It *IS* a graduation! My MIL and I had a chat last week about how cool it is that every advancement through the educational system is now celebrated. I think we border on taking education for granted here, and these little celebrations note the importance and the commitment it takes from parents, students and teachers.