Monday, December 19, 2005

Tick Tock

The holidays are coming closer and closer, will I get everything done in time?
My husband came home from his holiday party on Friday night and tells me, wouldn't it be nice if I made a few of those fluffy scarves for his manager and VP. I was like what!?!?! Thankfully I already had one done and could possibly easily whip up another. I started it on Saturday soon after he mentioned this to me and am half way done.
I took my needles with me to my Mom's yesterday and showed my sister and mom the new scarf I was knitting and the two, who already told me they didn't want scarves, were going ooh and ahh all over the one I am making for hubby's co-worker and both asked for it!?!?! There is no way I'd have time to make them scarves too and the slippers I need to knit and I want to make something for myself.
Thankfully I finished the scarf for my SIL already. Hopefully I will be able to finally start my Afghan in January

another picture of my slippers

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