Friday, December 16, 2005


Okay, so I picking up knitting again after almost a 25 year hiatus. Being a person with an addictive personality who never got addicted to the regular stuff (cigarettes, alcohol, drugs) I throw myself into what ever catches my fancy at the moment. I have been going CRAZY with knitting. Forsaking almost everything else (I Could never give up soapmaking) My oldest daughter asked for slippers. Of course I had to comply. Since I am still considered a novice knitter, I had to find a pattern that was extremely easy for this knitter to do. I searched the Internet till I found the PERFECT pattern. Found it.

Slipper Pattern - I used a bulky yarn for this to knit up very quickly.

Cast on 36 (or 42 for large size) stitches on size 10 1/2 straight needles.
Garter st until piece measures 4 inches.
BO 4 stitches (5) at beginning of next 2 rows so you end up with 28 (32)--it is important to have a # divisible by 4 so as to keep in pattern later on.
Garter st along for 2 more inches, then begin pattern which is k3p1 for next 10 rows
Now decrease for 2 rows by k2tog
Thread yarn needle through the remaining live stitches 7 (8) to make toe and then sew finished piece up You will have a "big bootie" type slippers.

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