Friday, December 07, 2007

Hanukkah - The 4th Night

Miss Sunshine got her medical assistance card for Hanukkah yesterday!!! It was a HUGE sigh of relief around here!! We can now, hopefully really get the ball rolling on some of her treatment and get some of these medical bills paid. Don't get me wrong, our regular insurance is good but, with a co-payment 3-4 times a week it does add up.

Today we are going to get Miss Sunshine's speech and language evaluation done. I am very happy we finally have an actually date for the the thing because the center keep on calling back and changing it. I actually began to feel bad for the coordinator because it wasn't her fault. At least she got us an appointment closer to our home instead of one where we'd have to drive close to an hour away like our original appointment.

So something light and fun for Hanukkah today. The original Adam Sandler Hanukkah Song.

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Channon said...

Not a bad gift at all! I'm so glad that you have more pieces falling in place for Miss Sunshine. I know that must give you the sense of peace that I believe is a part of Hanukkah??