Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Happy Belated Blogoversary!!

Wow, I can't believe it has been two years since I began writing this blog. I started back on December 16, 2005 because a soap friend of mine wanted us to write out our bios and it just turned on a new writing flood for me. Okay, I did have some quiet spells there. What can you say when you have two very active little ones running around.

You all have been with me through a lot this past year and I love you all for that. So, of course, I have a Blogoversary present for one of you!!

With a couple of hanks of my favorite yarn to go with it and of course some of my handmade goodies as well.

Since this is a pattern with my favorite yarn, to earn an entry to win it, just leave a comment with your favorite yarn and a pattern for it as well. Get brownie points for each person you point over here or posting about my Blogoversary on your own blog.

You have till British Boxing Day to enter ;-)


Julianne said...

Happy Blogiversary!!! My favorite yarn by far is Lotus Yarns nirvana sock yarn (sorry it's a wool yarn, but it's superwash so maybe it won't bother people with allergies). I just made a pair of Embossed Leaves socks with it from the Favorite Socks book and it looks fantastic. Check my blog after Christmas for some pictures since they're a present for someone.

km said...

I stopped over when Chan or Anne mentioned your Hanukkah posts. I had to see what I could learn. My husband's family is Jewish, although non-practicing now since his grandparents passed. We celebrate Hanukkah with out kids, the best I can...so I'm always trying to learn so I can teach them. I added you to my bloglines.

I think coming up with a favorite yarn is hard for me...I love Cascade 220 for felting, and .... But, this week I made a hat for myself with Araucania Nature Wool. I have the Chunky Multy. I saw more of the solids on Ravelry, but I LOVE THE MULTY! The colors are so fun. And I knit this short row cap with one skein. I'm going to knit another...it was a fun knit. Here's the post that started it all for me. http://k2togwonderfullymade.wordpress.com/2007/11/13/pinheads-and-hat-stealers/#comment-7299 Happy Blogiversary!

Bubblesknits said...

There's the blog post I was looking for! You *are* alive! LOL

Happy Blogiversary girl!

Favorite Yarn is probably Socks That Rock and favorite sock pattern is "Waterfalls" by Miss Babs.

Anonymous said...

Happy Blogiversary!

I'm so glad you do blog, because it's certainly helped me to get to know you, and you're such a blessing in my life.

Favorite yarn? Sigh. Tofutsies. I wish you could try it.

Michele said...

Happy Blogoversary!

ikkinlala said...

Happy blogiversary!

It's so hard to choose a favourite yarn! I think I'd have to say that my favourite right now is Trekking, which makes nice warm socks that seem to hold up really well even in boots. I've been using it with a modification (for the thinner yarn) of the Thuja sock pattern from Knitty.

RandomRanter said...

Happy Blogiversary! It's hard to say which look yummier, the cupcake or the bears.
Oh, it's so hard to choose. Right now, I have a ton of Fibre Company's Terra yarn and just made the Amanda Hat with it. But I am adoring both Farmhouse Yarns and Fibre Company stuff since their colors are so amazing.

monnibo said...

Happy Blogiversary!! I'm totally in the same boat as you... Blue Sky Alpacas ... Organic Cotton is my favourite, but of course I have more variety with the dyed cotton line. I'd love for them to do a Heathers Cotton line!! Yummy. I just used the "Caribbean" colour to make my Hot Water Bottle Cosy.

Hope you have a great blogiversary!

Mary Fran said...

Happy Blogiversary! I'm happy to have a way of keeping up with the goings on in your life. :)

I don't know if I can pick a favorite - maybe Cascade 220. And I don't know if I can pick a favorite pattern. I made a bunch of Jonathan's sweater and MD dishcloths.

Melissa said...

Happy Day! Those bears are adorable!!
favorite yarn -- that's tough! Recently I made a super bulky earflap hat hat using malabrigo merino and it was really nice! I also like Mission Falls merino and cotton for baby hats - the childrens cotton hats from last minute knitted gifts is a standby for girls -- the umbilical cord hat from stitch n bitch is a standby for boys and infants.

Anita said...

Happy Blogiversary!! You guys got me started on my blog... I wanted to join the dishcloth exchange... I've met so many wonderful people because of that!! :)

Cass said...

YAY SHARON! Happy bloggyversary! xoxoxo

Favorite yarn is Blue Sky Organic Cotton! :) Natch. I love it for anything with cables, and using it for a hat right now. I guess one of my favorites would be the Symmetrical Braided Cable Gloves.


Wendy said...

I'm stopping over because both Chan and Cass mentioned you on their blog and I don't think I've visited here before. I've read through some of your posts and I'm thinking I'll have to stop by on another occasion when I have a spare moment to read some more.

So, Happy Blogiversary!!! I'm hoping that I make it through my first year of blogging, let alone my second.

One of my favorite yarns at the mooment is Colinette's Jitterbug and I love to knit up Monkey socks from Knitty.com with it. I'm also thinking of doing a Cheveron scarf with it too! But I'm also loving Classic Elites Wool BamBoo. I used it for a Branching Out scarf from Knitty.com and a pair of Nicholas's Fingerless Gloves and I adore both!

Yarn Devil said...

Happy Blogversary!!! Cass sent me. I will post your contest on my blog. I must say that is a gorgeous pattern your giving away!!! Very cute. As far as favorite yarn and pattern, I don't think I have a fave yet... unless the one I use the most counts... which would be Briggs and Little Sport, Heritage or Tuffy Yarn(it's a rougher wool) and the Fine sock or Heavy sock patterns from B&L. I do love, the best foot forward pattern in my Knit Socks! Book..
Thank you!

affectioknitter said...

Hi Sharon, Happy Blogiversary - my favorite yarn (right now - it often changes) is Bernat's Cool Cotton - I'm using it for the Campanula for the Cure socks right now - but I have several skeins in my stash - all for future socks.
The bears are so cute...

cottonpatch/blueturtle said...

Happy Blogiversary!
Cass's blog sent me this way to check out your blog.
My favorite yarn (currently) is Blue Sky Organic Cotton. I like the Edgar cravat from knitty.com, although I am not using it the Blue Sky. I am using Supermerino from ArtYarns.

Turtle said...

happy blogiversary to you!!!

i admit to being unoriginal. I love Noro..don't care if it is silk garden or kuryeon. I love the Knitty noro fake fairisle hat pattern.
i have also discovered artyarns supermarino as well and just finished a sweater called wicked (easy to search).
i came over from Shut up im counting.

mari said...

Favorite yarn: Berroco Ultra Alpaca
It is great for almost everything. Soft and warm. I love it.
I have used it to make a Shedir (Knitty), a stocking, a French Market Bag (Knitty), and some fingerless mitts (Fetching, Knitty). Seeing a pattern? Knitty is such a great resource!

Congrats on the Blogiversary. I came over from Cass's.
I will link on mine. :)

karen said...

Hi and Happy Blogiversary - affectioknitter sent me to you - I love to see the other blogs. Have fun! Karen

Em said...

Very Happy Blogiversary to you!!!

My favourite yarn and pattern so far is Fleece Artist Sea Wool and Monkey Socks! Simple yet beautiful, and fun to knit!

K. Anne said...

My favorite yarn right now is yarn bee mosaic twist. fun colors and machine washable! my fav pattern to go with it is the totally autumn throw from knitty. I am almost 25% through this pattern and I'm not bored yet!!! (big bonus for the afghan since I don't like knitting blankets!) I will post a link to your contest on my blog: http://roavings.blogspot.com. Happy Blogoversary!!!

Miss Me said...

remember i told you i was a wool lover? well i'm going to have to say that my favourite yarn these days is cherry tree hill supersock - love that nice sproingy merino yarn. and for patterns - i've got to say that the go with the flow pattern from interweave knits (it is also in favorite socks) is GREAT!
link to your contest will be posted shortly... ; )

Miss Me said...

how could i forget??? happy blogiversary!!!

Anne said...

Happy one to you Miss Sharon.. I'd have to say that this week, at least.. Malabrigo remains my favorite yarn, and there's really no project it doesn't do well - but hopefully, the next I do will be the jacket from Big girl knits that I've been wanting to try!

CynicalGal said...

Happy Blogiversary to you!! How exciting.

I love the BSA Cotton. I have some stashed and at the ready to make the Tomato from last year's Knitty. I'm guessing that by the time I get to it, I'm going to make something else.

Those Bears are CUTE!!

Miss Me from Knit me to the End of Time sent me.

My favorite yarn? Well, right now I'm knitting with some Lana Grossa Multieffect and I'm making socks. I'll submit the cable top socks from Cat Bordhi's Socks Soar on Two Circulars.


Anonymous said...

Wow.. 2 years.. amazing!

Favorite yarn?? hmmm that's hard...at the moment, my favorite pattern is for a 'Jester Hat' found at:

, and I'm using Plymouth encore chunky yarn... it's a super quick knit and the hat is fun!

Hope your holidays are great!

trashalou said...

Hey! Happy 2nd Blogiversary!

Seem to have made it by the skin of my teeth - my best and favourite pattern ever (admittedly have only been knitting for just a little time) is whsat I call wobbly scarf but over on Knitty they call it 'wavy'. And all time favourite yarn for its olours, feel and knittability is Rowan Cashsoft. Just love it!

It really would look gorgeous in the shape of one of those bears, oo must now go track down the pattern and the darker brown Cashsoft..........

Friender said...

Happy Belated 2nd blogiversary, Sharon! How exciting.

Seems like a lot is going on there!

My favorite yarn so far is Rowan All Seasons Cotton and I love love love to make Knitting Pure & Simple's top-down cardigan for children with it. It goes *very* fast and produces a very satisfying FO.

take care and happy new year!

Alana - Knit Wit said...

Congratulations on your blogiversary!!

That bear pattern is just adorable. I've haven't knit any stuffed animals, but that pattern makes me want to try it.

One of my favorite yarns is one I use for felted bags: Cascade 220. It felts beautifully! And I know I'm goofy, but I love knitting dishcloths out or Sugar & Cream or Peaches & Creme!

Ursula said...

Happy Blogoversary!

Although I've been knitting for 8 years now, I didn't get into the "knitting culture" until Aug 07 when I started my blog and joined the FFBE. Sooo with that said I still feel new :) My favorite yarn so far is Rio de la Plata Hand Spun which I used for the trendy My So Called Scarf. Turned out "Gorgeous!" raved the recipient.

Cindy said...

Happy Blogoversary to you! Right now my favorite yarn is the new Noro sock yarn. No particular pattern. I love them all. I came over from Alabama Fiber Dreamer.

Miss T said...

Happy blogiversary! I dearly love Schaefer Laurel, and it's a wonderful yarn for the Hypoteneuse shawl.

Cate said...

I came over from Cass's blog.
I don't really have a favorite pattern, since I can't seem to knit anything more than once... however, I do love to knit toys of all sorts.
As for a favorite yarn... I like lots of yarns, but Blue Sky Cotton is always nice.

Sharon said...

Hope you are feeling better soon, I came over here from Cass' blog.
My favourite yarn is Sirdar Country Style, I've got loads of it in my stash - all different colours. My fave thing to knit with it is socks.

Darcy knotty Knitter said...

I came over here from Cass' blog happy Blogaversary my favorite yarn is Malabrigo it is so smooshy soft and the colors are deep and breathtaking:)My favorite pattern for Malabrigo is Foliage
Iam going to link to your Blogaversary;)Darcy

BabyLongLegs said...

Oooh....Happy Blogversary :)
I read about this on Darcy's blog...
My favourite sock yarn is Trekking XXL....and I love the Persnicketty Knitters Anatomically correct toe pattern!!!

Sarah xXx