Monday, December 10, 2007

Hanukkah - The 6th Night

Sorry, Miss Sunshine took over the computer all day yesterday and I did not get a chance to post so I will be doing more than one post today.

Speaking of Miss Sunshine, she has a "thing" for fire. When she was a lot younger she was burning on one of the pilots on the stove and definitely doesn't like anything hot near that area. She also still thinks that any time a candle is lit, it is for a birthday and needs to be blown out. See our dilemma?

When we go to light our Menorah, unless we have an extra candle for Miss Sunshine to blow out, we find it very difficult to sing the blessings or light the candles. So, we make sure we have some extra candles around to she can blow them out. She will even say the blessings along with the Princess (or at least pretend to say them) if she knows she can blow a candle out at the end. The Princess likes to hold the candle for her and Miss Sunshine says "amen" and blows it out. I guess a new family tradition is born.

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Channon said...

SNOL!! Generally, fire fascinations in children scare the heck out of me, but that story's just too cute. Your girls must be great sisters!!