Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday

Okay, so why is it that they call it Black Friday anyway?

With the not sleeping at the getting up at the crack of dawn repeatedly, this morning actually gave me something to do. I got up, got dressed in the dark before the sun rose, and went people watching at the big stores like Best Buy, Target and Walmart which are all near where I live. It was all rather fascinating. We have already completed all of our shopping so I really don't have anything to buy for the holidays. I had no cart and walked around the stores. People looking at me oddly since I wasn't buying anything.

People had their carts filled with who knows what, lists in hand with items they needed to buy. Some looking frantic because they couldn't find what they needed and some on their cells asking the person on the other end millions of questions. It was all of so surreal. The sales people looked tired and worn out already. One told me he had been there since 3 AM working and customers were so rude and greedy. I truly felt for him. I was always taught you always get more flies with honey ;-)

I am going out again later with my sister. It is a tradition with us. Last near we even went to Toys R Us. I know we are a bit nuts ;-)


NH Knitting Mama said...

Brave woman.

Channon said...

Brave or crazy. ;) I'll shop online, thank you.

So, should I have looked harder at the King of Prussia shots on the Today Show, with all of the shoppers??

Bev said...

Actually, that is why I went no where near KofP today.

I heard this morning that they call it Black Friday because this is when retail stores make it out of the red, and turn a profit, making it into the black for the Holiday.

Bubblesknits said...

I went and worked at the yarn shop today, so I stayed out of the general craziness. Thank goodness! I picked up something for you while I was there. :-)