Sunday, November 04, 2007

I Received my Fall into Autumn Swap Package!!

Okay so I did receive it a few days ago, my Fall into Autumn Swap package by the ever so kind and patient Katie. So now I am going to do my package and the WONDERFUL Katie some Justice and show lots and lots of pictures of my box because she had to wait soooooo long for me to talk about it.

Here is the box when I first opened it. Everything is wrapped in lovely lavender tissue paper and beautiful purple ribbons. The green tags mark things specific for Miss Sunshine and The Princess. Wasn't that nice of Katie to send things for the little ones too?

Here is everything laid out on my foyer floor. Now that is A LOT of goodies!!! I had to sneak off there to ensure I would be able to open everything without any prying or grabbing hands.

Everything unwrapped!! Exactly (I think) in the same space as above. Look at all that wonderful goodness!! That is a sheep tape measure to add to my collection of tape measures of course.

The GORGEOUS washcloth deserves a photo all on its own, of course. In a luscious shade of purple. Is there any other color?

Last, but of course no least, Manos Cotton Stria is an absolutely awesome shade of kettle dyed lavender. These are my first hanks of Manos Cotton Stria believe it or not. I love, love, love it!!!

Katie, you done good and were patient for the posting to boot so I thank you for that too!!


NH Knitting Mama said...

WONDERFUL package!

Criquette said...

I'm so happy you liked it. I had a lot of fun reading about your life and getting to know you through your blog.

Bubblesknits said...

Wow! Great package! Lots of purple. :-)

Monica said...

Aw what a great purplrific package!

tracing said...

Manos Cotton Stria is one of my favorite yarns - you're going to love it!