Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Knitted Socks

No, I haven't taken up knitting traditional knitted socks. I have just realized something this morning about knitted socks.

I have two pairs of wonderful knitted socks from two AMAZING friends. One in North Country Cotton from my friend Robin (blog-less) and one pair in Bamboozle from the ever so fabulous Jessi.

Ever time Miss Sunshine has a critical appointment with one of her doctors, ever time she has a crucial test being done, like today, I grab a pair of my knitted socks and put them on. As you can guess, they get washed quite frequently and are lasting very well. I guess I am subconsciously taking all of you with me to my appointments with Miss Sunshine. Of course I am also taking some knitting with me. Wouldn't be an appointment without some knitting in my bag.

So, today and tomorrow, you will all be with us. We have two very important appointments and hopefully get the ball rolling on some services so to speak.


Cass said...

Take these hugs with you too.

Channon said...

You know, subconsciously, I've done the same thing!! I wish you and Miss S. better luck than we're having. Sigh.

Big hugs to you, and good news too!

RandomRanter said...

Thinking good thoughts for you guys.

Bubblesknits said...

I hope everything goes well! Let us know when you get an update. Glad to hear that the socks are holding up. :-)

Anonymous said...

i hope everything went well for little miss sunshine. knitting is such a wonderful comfort, isn't it?
your package should be leaving early next week. i hope you'll like it!

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