Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hot Cocoa Swap Question Of The Week

For the Hot Cocoa Swap the topic of the week....

What is your most memorable vacation? Where did you go? What made it memorable?

When I was 12, my family went on what I still to this day call a whirlwind vacation. My oldest cousin was getting married in Panama City , Panama during the summer so we started there. We saw the Panama Canal which was incredible, a once in a lifetime experience! From there, we fly this mini 8 seater plane to a small Island off the coast called Contadora. We spent close to two weeks there with some cousins deep sea fishing, sun bathing, snorkeling, you name it. After that we went to my Mom's home Country of Colombia for a while. Two of my other cousins were graduating from high school. We had been to Colombia many times, in fact every summer since birth practically. After some touring and visiting of friends and relatives, we flew back to the states to Miami to visit more friends and relatives and ended the summer with an extended trip to Disney World.

Definitely a vacation to remember!


Anonymous said...

:) that sounds a really nice vacations! kiss*

Anonymous said...

Wow... we truly NEVER went on a family vacation as a child. It is a "problem" I corrected when we got married. We go on some kind of vacation every year!