Friday, February 23, 2007

The Best Teacher is Coming Back

I couldn't think of what to post about today and the Princess suggested I write about how she is very excited that her teacher is coming back from maternity leave. She has had a substitute teacher since mid-November but I think she will be very happy when her regular teacher comes back. The princess likes Mrs. (that is what princess wanted me to call her regular teacher on my blog ala her favorite book we read together) more because she is sweet, listens and is a good teacher for her. Princess learns a lot from Mrs. more so than the substitute. Mrs. is more in tune with how sensitive princess is whereas substitute is just that a long term sub and although I am sure she I a caring person you could tell she wasn't too invested in these kids. The Princess will be much happier and her creative thinking, I hope, will come back in full force. She really hasn't want to do much in the way of crafts and has gotten too laid back in her way of creative "writing" so to speak. I have missed Mrs. too and will be very glad she is back too.

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