Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Credit Card Bill

My husband usually just pays the credit card bill without a glance at it. Occasionally he does look at it though. Pays probably double or triple to minimum. Sometimes pays off the whole thing, depends where we are financially that month. January and February are usually a bit tougher since we just came through the holiday month and the sale months. Ah the sale months. Since I have been back to knitting those are the toughest months. even tougher than the kids birthday months or even the holiday months. January is a tough month on the pocketbook.

All those flashy signs for the after holiday sales. Most of the time I don't even have to my tush out of my seat from in front of my computer. All my favorite online stores send me emails about all my favorite yarns that are going on sale. this past January was no exception. well, there was one. one of my favorite types of yarn was being discontinued. OH NO. THE HORROR. When that happens to a knitted it is terrible. You need to run out and buy it all up even if you have no idea what you are going to make out of it all. Well, I really could not go and do that but, I could go and buy some to make several projects with it. it is an extremely think chenille so event though this brand was not going to make it someone else will or does. I think. I hope. What if they don't. Wait, I am sure they do. (Shake it off) Then there was this GORGEOUS cotton yarn in hand dyed colorways that the new colorways were much darker. I prefer the older ones so I had to buy all my favorites. A bag of each. But it was discounted so it was okay. Oh did I forget to mention that once the sale was over they have a sister company that sold the leftovers on Ebay even cheaper? So when I decide oh wait I should have bought that I could now on ebay but, I was fighting over it with other people. I got it for even less than sale price though. I can get a good bargain.

During one of my yarn splurges is when my husband decides to look at the bill. "Who is Knit Picks?" yarn company. "Who is Handpaint Heaven?" yarn company. "Who is Trash and Treasure?" yarn company. "Who is Yarn Xpress?" yarn company. I was waiting for the explosion. and waiting and waiting. he made a face and moved on. Perhaps he has finally realized there is nothing he can do about my addiction or he realized if he can have his with his computer gadgets, I can have mine.

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Sally said...

Ha! That's funny. I've had the very same thing happen to me. WT checks our back account online and goes *sigh* "What did you buy at A C Moore THIS month?"