Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Blanket that Needs an Owner

I finished my second blanket. To me, this is a great acomplishment since I have no delay of gratification and do not like projects that take forever. This could be the reason I like a lot of those chunky and bulky yarns and like those really big needles because things knit up very fast on them. I also get bored with a project very easily. Okay, granted, a good portion of this project was completed by my knitting group's organizer but still, I finished it nonetheless.

I originally intended to give the blanket to my sister for her birthday, which is in May but, now, I am not so sure about that either. You know when you first have something in mind then you finish the project and you aren't so sure the piece matches the future potential owner? This is such the case with this blanket. Sunshine swears it is her blanket and even attempted to take it to bed with her last night. The Princess thought it would make a very nice gift for a very good friend of ours who is having a baby in a couple of months but, we know she is having a girl and it is her third. I think she has enough baby blankets besides, it is too big for that. I am sure we will find the right owner for this blanket. it will not go without an owner.

I do have several scarves and a baby vest that sit without owners. scarves always sit without owners in my home because they are quick in between projects, will make a quick gift at some point and are easy to store. In fact just this week I pulled a very nice fluffy green scarf and put it in a gift bag and gave it to my husband to give it to someone that he needed a gift for. I can't even remember when I knitted the thing. The baby vest, well, it took me so long to knit the darn thing, the baby out grew it and I really wasn't that friendly with the mother any more by the time I was finished with it either. I will find a baby for it eventually. It is kind of boyish so I have to wait till someone I know has a boy baby.

So, back to the blanket. I need to think about it a bit. I hav a few options. It definitely is too big for a baby but would fit a twin bed. My cousin's daughter's birthday is coming up. (I have no nieces, only nephews, so I have to stretch a bit to get to a girl other than my own) or perhaps one of my daughter's closests friends. Although I tend to knit them little purses or fluffy scarves. They think those are kind of trendy. Not to fear, it will find a happy home with a perfect owner.

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