Thursday, February 22, 2007

Hello my name is....and I have a knit addiction I think

I already have a soaping addiction which my friends and husband are well aware of since the stuff is all over my house. My husband has come to terms with it already, I think. Now, however, i think I have a new addiction, knitting. I am reading one of The Yarn Harlot's books and I am only on the chapter where she is talking about your stash but I can sort of see what road I am head towards. I have already posted that my stash is small but, I rationalize my yarn purchases more and more. I am the worlds slowest knitter for various reasons (I am pretty slow, the girls take up a lot of my time, Sunshine likes to pull out my knitting needles, I have my other addiction soap making, etc) but I keep telling myself I will eventually get to this or that yarn. OR I will look for patterns, books or talk to other knitters about patterns books for yarn that I have to eventual knit but still have not knit.

Last night at my Sit N Knit group, I was referred to yet another wonderful book by a wonderful knitter for my yarn for lace, which I have been holding onto for months. Of course, when I got home I went online bought that book and a few others so that book wouldn't be lonely in the box to my house.

I don't think I could only buy yarn for the project I am going to be working on, meaning pick the project first then the yarn. I know there are knitters out there int he universe that do that. I see the yarn, have to have the yarn, and then I will think of a project for it late. perhaps much later. So of the yarn I have might even be years later and I don't even have that much, in my opinion, yet.

I am creating a soaping room in my parents' basement. I am now beginning to wonder if I buy some of those huge plastic tubs, think I could get away with storing some yarn and knitting books there too? JUST KIDDING!!

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