Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Well, it is snowing here today so everyone is freaking out. Before there was even a coating on the sidewalks they were already canceling after school activities so my after school job was cancelled. The girls are home safe and sound. Not sure what tomorrow will bring. Everything is supposed to freeze over but, I never trust the weather man. He never really knows what he is talking about. Does he? Perhaps we will get a chance to play in some snow tomorrow or perhaps not.

At least today I got to finish a sleeve on the first sweater I am making for my oldest daughter. I have made some garments for babies for friends and donations but never for my own kids. This is the first one. The front and backs are done also and pinned together. Now just one more sleeve, sew it together and we are done. If we have a snow day and the girls are kept busy, I might get lucky. Maybe I can persuade the oldest to scrapbook tomorrow. Right now she is telling me she is bored and since out of three computers only this one is working properly, I am going to have to make this short and give in to her since she is being a very good big sister today. At least we are all warm and cozy inside.

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