Tuesday, February 27, 2007

''Kung Hei Fat Choy!''

Happy Chinese New Year! This year is the year of the Boar. My husband and I, through my father, have the honor of being invited to at least one Chinese New year's banquet a year. We went last night.

We arrived about a half an hour late (which is okay since even though it was called for 7 the meal didn't actually start till 9) to the sound of fire crackers and two dancing dragons on the sidewalk. If you have never seen this, you have to at least once. We get up to the banquet hall where it is being held, ushered to our table as honored guests (my dad has been an attorney for the Chinese community for over 30 years) and we are sitting at a table with numerous other honored guests. One in particular was very interesting to me, a candidate for mayor of the city! He was a very personable fellow, did the political thing, very pleasant. I was even told he is the favorite candidate so since I met him, I hope he wins. We don't live in the city, so I wouldn't get to vote for him.

Then there was another Dragon dance, a Lion dance, young ladies dances, women from the organization dancing and singing. I snapped some pictures with my phone. Perhaps I. got a good one and can upload it later. Then the food and more food and more food. All told, 13 courses. Fish, meat, soup, rice, noodles, all with a purpose and mean to bring luck, prosperity and long life. Not your typical meal, not your typical selections. All unique, all delicious. Well, what I could eat of it since I don't usually eat most of it. Okay from what my parents and husband told me

The Chinese have a rich culture and history that has existed longer than any other and it is an honor to be allowed to be a small little part of it every year.

(Philadelphia's Chinatown)

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