Sunday, February 11, 2007

My Yarn

Everyday I look over at the corner of my bedroom at the bags and bags and one huge container (that my Mom bought me) of yarn that I have. Avid knitters would call it my yarn stash. Avid knitters would actually laugh at my pitiful little stash because it actually fits to one side of my bedroom and doesn't spill into every corner of my house. No, every corner of my house is filled with something else, soap supplies. I don't think yarn and essential oils mix very well. That is a story for another post though.

I am very allergic to wool, well really any animal fiber. It makes me itch, then the itch turns to a rash and then sometimes hives. When i was younger my Mom tried to put on me sweaters with even the smallest amounts of wool because they do make for the warmest of sweaters and she'd put a thick turtle neck underneath and I would STILL get a rash. Wool just wasn't for me. Later in life I realized it wasn't just the wool either. I couldn't use products with the lanolin either. That is for another post too.

So this baby stash I have. Non of it is wool either. I have some very nice cottons. Although I have been looking at the new organic Cotton my Lion Brand. Boy, does that look nice. i have some nice cottons from Cherry Tree Hill. They had a VERY nice sale around New Year's this year so I bought some Rainbow ribbon in various shades and some Plush. Plush, oh don't get me started on Chenille. I LOVE chenilles. I have no clue what I am going to make with them but , I love buying them. My first chenille was Lion Brand's and I made my Mom a hat and scarf matching set. It was very pretty and she still wears them. then I discovered Blue Heron Yarns. Very nice and pricey. I slowly started buying it but never using it. I think I have like 5 or 6 hanks of it that my friend Aileen graciously wound for me (this is before I went and bought myself my own swift and winder). It is very lovely shades of purple and blues. Now I have the Plush. I bought some in neutrals and then in blues and greens because my youngest daughter loves the color green.

I tell myself that chenille takes up a lot of space because it is so big and bulky as does one of my other favorites, Jiffy thick and Quick. What a terrible name for a yarn but it knits up very quickly and since I have no delay of gratification, it I great for me.

I have this gorgeous lace weight yarn that I forget what the fiber is, not wool of course, to make a shawl. I have no idea what I was thinking because that would take forever to make. One of these days it will happen. I probably need to wait till my youngest is not so hands on, full of energy, gets into everything anymore. I can't tell you how many times I have had to start projects over again becasue of her

I have a ton of Sugar and Cream cotton to make wash clothes to go with the soaps I make. Some fun fur for those last minute gifts my husband tends to spring on me, tons of onesy twosy pink yarns that my oldest picks out because it is her favorite color and if she happens to go to the store with me we end up buying one or two because I have to make her something that never actually gets made.

I did use up a lot of my oddball yarn on an blanket (that is the picture I have added here) for my Mother's birthday this past January. Four strands together of different yarns on size 50 needles. Went very quickly. I need to make another on of those

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