Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I am so not into this craft. I just do not get it. I don't want to belittle someone else's craft but, I am so not into scrapbooking. Oh I could definitely see how I could personally get into to it. All that paper, stickers, lettering, phrasing, quotes, tools, albums, so many goodies to choose from. It can all be so overwhelming, so fascinating, so creative. You walk into a craft store, browse all those aisles after aisle. Wondrous items that I haven't a clue as to what they are for. I have even bought a few of the doohickeys for soap making packaging, well, for swap packaging to make it more interesting. I can definitely see how it can keep you busy for hours.

My oldest daughter takes after me in that she is the crafty one. She has been into a ton of crafts already in her oh so short life of 6 years. She has done tons of finger paintings, door hangers, bead brackets, those loom potholders, a hook rug that is some where in this house unfinished, tons of painted wooden items like jewelry boxes and picture frames and treasure boxes. She has made glycerin soaps and lotions with me. Has tried her hand at lip balms and measured out oils for me for cold process soaps. However her latest craze craft is something I just cannot get into. You guessed it, scrapbooking.

She loves it. She asked for one of those little kits you see at Michael's for her birthday and couldn't get enough of it and asked for me for another. A good friend of mine, who is really into it, recommended one of these real little kits for her. It was pink with some very cute stickers and paper. I printed out some wallet size pictures for her from the computer and she got to work and she was done her little book very quickly and wanted more and more. I take her to Michael's or AC Moore and she is in Heaven. She now has an entire assortment of this stuff that I don't quite get in a box that she just loves to decorate her pictures with.

Today, since we had no school thanks to the snow and ice, was such a day that she spread everything all over my bedroom floor and wanted me to do it with her. I tried, I really did. After about half an hour I made all kinds of excuses of things I needed to do and left her alone in my room and went and did other things. When I finally got back to her she had completely a few pages and was ready to move on to something else, thankfully.

If this isn't one of her crafty phases, I either better get used to this, find her some friends of her own or mine to scrapbook with or persuade her that Mom can keep her company but I, am just not into it.

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