Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Case of the Disappearing Swap

I used to do a ton of soap swaps. This is where you send to a host/hostess a set number of items and s/he separates them out and sends you back a variety of goodies from various participates so you can try different people's goodies. It could be soap, lotion, bath salts or what have you. Sometimes there is a theme like it has to represent your state or for spring or something that is new to you. Sometimes it gets very creative like you have to use only vanilla, use herbs or base it on a classic novel.

I used to do swaps maybe two or three a month. I couldn't pass one up. I loved getting a box in the mail. Opening it up and seeing what goodies I would get. I loved the themed ones more than the general ones and especially ones that would include a recipe booklet. If one would get posted on a group I would have to sign up for it. My husband thought I was crazy. We had so much stuff pouring in, I was giving stuff away to my MIL, Mom, sister and good friends. As you can imagine, it got to be way too much. I went cold turkey last fall. It was very difficult. My two best soaping buddies couldn't believe it.

Well, after an almost 6 month hiatus, I was ready to get back into swapping but, slowly. I signed up for two swaps. One small and one not so small. For the not so small one, it has a very nice theme, for a terrific group of soapers and I will get a booklet. For the other group, also a very terrific group of soapers. This was a more general swap, a private swap among friends. I had wanted to send something special but it seems to have disappeared in my house. If you could see my house (and have been reading my blog) you could understand. They will get a very nice swap contribution but not the one I originally intended.

I belong to a group that just does swaps. I went and signed up for more swaps. I guess they are back and not disappearing anymore.

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