Sunday, February 18, 2007

Foam Stickers

When my Princess was much younger, say 18 months - 2 years old, and wanted to do crafts and I just did not have the energy to put everything out and clean everything up my saving grace were these foam stickers. they had these great kits for door hangers, tiaras or every bookmarks. Simple little put together kits that where one, two, there and you were done. As she got older, we still kept buying these kits because it was what we were used to and they were so simple, put together and clean. The key word to me was clean. I am not the most neat and organized person so any thing that I could pick up easily for a child craft was for me.

As the princess got more verbal, she wanted to be able to still do the foam stickers (we NEVER bought the ones that need to be glued because to me that was a mess) but she wanted to buy these HUGE tubs of them. I hemmed and hawed but finally caved. it was more cost effective and we could make more than one at a time. We bought a tub of girlie shapes, one of letters and one of flowers and a few frames, a few doorhangers and something else I can't remember.

Well, princess got home, got all excited and dumped EVERYTHING ALL OVER THE FLOOR! There were little foam pieces every where!! She was so excited and got right to work. I was trying to smile but inside panicking. How in the work am I going to clean this all up?! She was having a blast. Making something for pop-pop, Ita, grandma, all her Aunts, even her cousins. Anyone she could think of. Even the fish. heck she even made a collage of foam pieces to hang on the kitchen art way exhibit. I just wanted everything picked up before little Mary Sunshine woke from her nap. Thankfully, Sunshine was a good napper (at the time) but we we heard her start to stir, we rushed around to try to get everything up off the floor as quickly as possible. Princess was not too happy about that but, she would not have been to happy if Sunshine ruined her precious crafts either. Sunshine has had the tendency to ruin very precious crafts in the past.

We learned from that little foam sticker day. We never dump everything out at once anymore. Especially since Sunshine likes to pick everything up and peel the backs off all the stickers and stick them to herself. Also because it is way to hard to pick everything up and we don't want Mom to panic. Also because the Princess has become more of a neat freak than Mom and very protective of her crafts. Sunshine doesn't nap anymore although we all wish she did.

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