Friday, September 07, 2007

Hectic Week, Glad It Is Just About Gone

Well, I am glad this first week is JUST about over. Everyone thought I went AWOL but, this first week back in September is one of my busiest weeks and I don't even get to make soap :-(.

The girls go back to school - went very well with hardly an tears, any problems, new teachers, new classrooms and new schedules. They both seem to be happy but it is the very first week. I am going to stay optimistic.

I work for a religious after school program and that starts this weekend actually so we had orientation every day this week - I had to get my room organized, new supplies, bulletin boards decorated, materials organized and put in place, etc. I am also getting to teach an art class in conjunction with this program so I am very excited about that too but for now it meant more organization.

Then there were school meetings at Miss Sunshine's school and since I organizing their largest fundraiser in the fall I have to go to ALL OF THEM. What was I thinking when I volunteered? No clue. It will be so worth it because it is a Shopper's Night where some of the money is given back to the school and, of course, I will have a space there but right now it is the little details to finish up.

I did get to catch some of my Wednesday night knitting, thankfully. It was like a mini trip tot he spa for me. I so needed it. Sometimes I am so very thankful for having that knitting group. I little break from reality if i can get to it.

Next week, a little less chaos, I hope.

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