Sunday, September 02, 2007

One of Our Own Hit's the Big Time (sort of)

One of the swappers from the last Dishcloth swap, Kt, has gotten herself published, that is correct here folks. We all dabble in pattern writing but Kt actually got one of her patterns publishes in MagKnits September 2007 Issue.

The pattern, Skirtcicle, is a cute skirt pattern for little girls (Hey! I have two of those!!) Knit in cotton, a yarn I can definitely use. I am so thankful it is designed in something I am not highly allergic to like most patterns that will come out from now until spring time.

So, stop by Kt's blog and tell her congratulations and then go check out the way cool pattern!!


Friender said...

That skirt is ADORABLE. I will have to make that, especially since who doesn't have dishcloth cotton on their stash?!

KT said...

And seriously, I made it with 3 skeins of stash cotton - it was fun to make and the DH LOVES IT. Washes well, too (she fell in paint at preschool, long story). Thanks for the props! KT