Friday, September 28, 2007

Smile, While I Take Your Picture

My Hostess for Secret Pal 11, Shelby, emailed us yet another contest. Yes, you probably guessed it is a flash your stash type contest. Well, I store my stash in plastic bags and in containers like this:

I decided to lay out most of my stash on my bed. I didn't include the partial and half used stuff.

As you can tell, purple and pink are very prominent. Oh and none of that is wool or other animal fibers. It is all lovely cotton, bamboo, soy, corn and lots of Blue Sky Cotton, of course. Some might end up in the hands of my swap pals because I included that in the photo as well. If you look closely, my Interlacements is in there and so is my Blue Heron.

Last picture, obviously not stash but an update of Tina the Tortoise. A few have emailed me for an update of our little babe


NH Knitting Mama said...

Wow, great stash. Thanks for the info on different fibers to use other than wool, this post is quite the testament to the good options out there!

Melissa said...

What a pretty stash. Colorful!
Tina is so cute.

Shelby said...

Great stash!! Mine is mostly blue and purple. Funny how we all seem to gravitate towards a few colors.

Bubblesknits said...

What a nice stash! I'm too embarassed to flash mine. LOL

Tina has grown!!!

Channon said...

I saw a fair amount of green too! ;)

Hey, Tina! Looks like PA yard grass agrees with you.