Monday, September 03, 2007

Really Need to Get Organized

Now I have my Vegan Pal 2 Swap pal. I think all that is left is the pal for Fall into Autumn Swap. That will make 5 swaps going at the same time. Oh My! Time to get organized!!

In the meantime, I still need to keep being organized on the baby gift front. I finished another hat, the one in the Fiesta Ombre.

I FINALLY settled on a pattern combination for what I want to make for my sister only to realize I don't have size 8US 24" circular needles. I REALLY want to do the entire thing in the round instead of having to do a front and back, lots of seams etc, etc, Bummer. I am going to have to either call around to see if anyone I know locally has them so i can borrow them or buy them. Grrr

So in the meantime, I cast on yet another baby hat. I got the pattern from Ravelry to try it called Cotton Stretchy Baby Hat because it called for Cascade Fixation and I had a skein of it from Cass . It calls for 60 stitches on circulars but that stretched way too much. I know there is elastic in the yarn but still. I frogged it and went back to just dpns. Much better. I also did a first and put that bit of info in the editors notes on Ravelry. If this is supposed to be a beginner's pattern, just go straight to dpns and don't ask the knitter to stretch so much.

Last day of summer vacation today. Wish us luck for tomorrow.


Holly said...

Love the colors in the hat. It is too cute. Good luck tomorrow.

Channon said...

Love the hat! Unfortunately, my only #8 circs are within my Knitpick Options... I'll double-check to be sure though.

Good luck with the first day of school!

Gnat said...

I started going through the blogroll from the "fall into Autumn" swap and figured I should say hi to you as well. :)

Hope all is going good. :)

NH Knitting Mama said...

The hat looks so cute!

Anne said...

Very cute! Someday I'm going to have to look into baby hats and booties - they're so much faster than blankies and there are about a million and two babies on the way for others in my life!