Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Intercambio Del Café con Algodón Durante Invierno

Coffee and Cotton (or Yarn) Swap During Winter or better know as Winter Wonderland Coffee Swap. Yup, that is correct, another swap!!

Sign ups do not start till October 24Th. So almost all of my other swaps with be complete except for Secret Pal 11.

The lovely Miss Anne and equally lovely Holly are hosting the swap.

Oh and how exciting! They added a link for Hanukkah patterns (Hmm wonder were they got those?)


Channon said...

Believe it or not, I'm signing up for the coffee swap too. Imagine. Anne and my mother inlaw have rubbed off on me, I guess!

Glad you're making use of that waiting room time. It's otherwise a rather annoying, finger-tapping time. Hope some answers and solutions are forthcoming...

vegasangelbrat said...

I just noticed the Hanukkah links..neat, something to make for MIL! Guess I'll be trying to knit Start now and I'll have it done by
Glad your joining in too :)