Monday, October 15, 2007

Weekend Recap

Such a whirl wind weekend!! It was busy, busy to say the very least.

Let's start with Friday late afternoon, Friday night and getting ready for the Princess' birthday party. The party was at my parents' house so after school we went over there to make sure the house was spotless, toys picked up, furniture moved, chairs and tables arranged, all the paper goods set out and some decorations were hung. Pink and purple of course. My Mom and I, when all was done, sat down to a nice relaxing cup of Colada Roobios tea compliments of Mary in some fine china cups and relaxed a few moments together.

Saturday was the birthday party. We had 16 kids ages 3 - 10 playing games, having story time, had some Tina the Tortoise time, lunch and cake, backyard time and then home. Whew! Two and half hours later I was tired. Clean up took longer than the party. Doesn't it always? Princess had a BLAST with her friends and cousins. So did Miss Sunshine, of course. So much so, Miss Sunshine fell asleep in the car home which she rarely ever does. The Princess received a TON of craft projects including several bracelet makers, a perfume maker (so she can be like Mom), some paint kits and a ceramics paint set. She was allowed to open one and she opened one she could do without much assistance one of the bracelet set.

Sunday, Ah Sunday, I had been looking forward to Sunday for a very long time. It was a local soapmakers conference one state over. I was going to get to see several friends I had not seen in, well, a year or two. A few demos given on things I don't make so they were interesting to hear about. Not sure I am going to have use for the information but, it is always good to have the knowledge base. Some of my favorite vendors were there so I picked up some ingredients I needed or wanted to try. I also picked up some of my favorite Vanilla, some Tangerine Essential Oil, a new Lime fragrance that is very sweet and crisp smelling, a scent called Blue Musk that smells fantastic. The Princess wanted me to get some Blueberry and my favorite vendor told be he was getting an amazing one so I am very excited about that.

I won a ton of door prizes including a HUGE bag of goodies, some Black Raspberry Vanilla fragrance, some soy melts (hmm, I wonder where those could end up? Jessi, any ideas?) and a few other choice tidbits that you never know where they might show up).

Of course my knitting went with me. A few of the soapers knit but, they didn't bring it or consider themselves not good enough to knit in public. I told them next year I will give a demo. One of my closest buddies told me that she has a room for me in her home if I would come and teach her how to knit. BTW, she lives in Puerto Rico.

Here is what I finished at the event:

Guess what it is ;-)


Bubblesknits said... melts. I luv your soy melts. :-)

It sounds like you had a great time! I'm glad the Princess had a wonderful party, too!

Grace Yaskovic said...

glad it was a good party, love the bag, its so pretty

vegasangelbrat said...

Wow, busy weekend, but sounds like everyone enjoyed themselves..
Oh thats a Mandys Candy bag!! In my fav color too :) Good job! I have yet to try it..too much going on at the moment!
Glad you enjoyed the tea!!

Yarndemon said...

I believe I'd be Puerto Rico bound!! :)
Great little bag!!! What is it?
small purse?
sock project bag?
goodie bag?
Hard to tell what size it is in the photo...

NH Knitting Mama said...

Hey, GREAT bag!

Glad you got to go to the soap show, sounds like fun. I'm sure you'll be able to use some of those goodies for updates to the shop? I'm looking for lime stuff for my momma for Christmas!

Channon said...

Pretty purple bag!

Sounds like a very full, fun weekend. You deserve it!

Glad the party was fun. What did Tina think of all of the attention?

RandomRanter said...

Oooh - a travelling knitter. What a geat idea!