Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tea Swap Goodies - The Photos

A moment of peace and quiet. Just a moment, to take some pictures of my goodies. You get a groups shot, a picture of my favorite item and, of course, a separate picture of the yarn.

Mary definitely spoiled me and the girls, don't you think? Both girls had decided to walk off with different items but, I told them they weren't allowed till AFTER the photo session. Thankfully, it is one rule they follow. Not even the yummy chocolates sprouted legs, yet.

Isn't he adorable? I collect ALL things Goofy (you should see our family room) Miss Sunshine loves him too and wanted to play tea party with him. Um, NO! He went straight into the China cabinet and back again after this photo. He is a PERFECT addition to our collection!!

Last, but not least, Panda cotton in Seascape. The picture does not do the color justice. Another one Miss Sunshine attempted to runaway with since this is her colorway. It is gorgeous!! Definitely a step in a different direction for me but a good one. One I really need I think.

Mary, thank you SO much for everything!!!


Bubblesknits said...

Wow! Mary really spoiled you! I love the Goofy. ;-)

NH Knitting Mama said...

As Napoleon Dynamite would say - "LUCKY!"

She'saCraftyOne said...

Sweet package Sharon!!!

Channon said...

I have been beside myself since Mary found Goofy and emailed me, asking if I thought you *MIGHT* like him.

What a great package!!

vegasangelbrat said...

Did you get the tea yet??? Should be there REAL soon if not already!lol
You are more than Welcome Sharon!! I had fun!