Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Knitting in the Waiting Room

It seems like I have been spending a ton of time in the waiting room of a doctor, a test or a therapist of some kind a lot lately. There is still a lot more to come too. When you have one daughter going through one kind of testing for her lactose intolerance and one going through testing for ADHD and getting OT you tend to get to see the inside of a lot of waiting rooms.

I think my entire dishcloth for my fall dishcloth pal was knit entirely inside a waiting room. I think the entire bottom half of my sister's top was knit inside a waiting room. I knit an entire preemie hat inside a waiting room. Now I have cast on one of my favorites, yes Anne, a Candy bag designed by Amanda.

Yup, going to sit in a waiting room Wednesday afternoon for a test for the Princess and yes going to be sitting in a waiting room for therapy for Miss Sunshine very early in the morning on Saturday. Good more knit time. Seems lately it is the only knit time I get.

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