Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Only Place I Knit... Lately

Ah the waiting room. Nothing better to do then to wait, read a magazine or to knit. It seems to be the only place I get to knit lately. I haven't been to my knitting group in a while because it is extremely difficult to go with Miss Sunshine. She tends to be very disruptive to the other patrons of the restaurant where the meeting is held and also apparently to the other members of the knitting group. So I can't go unless I can get a babysitter for the kids, which I have not been able to do lately.

Therefore, I knit when and where I can which is in a waiting room which I tend to be in one on average three times a week. It can be some quality knitting time. I go to different appointments for different things for both of my daughters and so I take my knitting every where with me.

I am still knitting the same top for my sister that I am still hoping to get done by the time she comes to visit for Thanksgiving. It could happen. I do have a lot of waiting room visits from now until then. There is also this hat I started with a different type of organic cotton. I try to knit a bit of each project every time. Maybe that will help get them done quicker.

I do have a few work meetings coming up. Hmm, I wonder if my boss would mind if I took my knitting with me? They are night meetings ;-)


NH Knitting Mama said...

I'm happy at least you're knitting!

Bubblesknits said...

I least you have your knitting! :-) I would go insane if I couldn't knit in the waiting rooms.

Channon said...

Thank goodness for a portable hobby. I do hope answers are forthcoming and the waiting rooms won't be such a fixture in your life soon!