Friday, March 09, 2007

Away for the Weekend

I am going away for the weekend (well coming back Saturday night (without the hubby or the girls)! The picture roughly shows the view from the street where the house the knitting club rented (I got it off google) A winter escape to the beach.

I will be away with no responsibilities, no place I need to be, no worries. At least for about 30 hours. Probably not enough time but, it will have to do.
I took one project I have been dying to try. Something using circular needles where I will have to join them which I have never done. I also took a bunch of simple mindless projects that I should do to have for quick gifts and to widdle down my stash and that don't make me think too much. Those will be great for relaxation.
I will definitely miss the girls but I need the break.

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