Monday, March 19, 2007

Blanket Stripe Finished

I didn't need poking or prodding. I didn't need reminding. I didn't need phone calls. I didn't need everyone asking, "So, where is it?" and the summer rolling around and MJ going back to OJ empty handed without my blanket stripe but everyone else's and the nice ladies of the Ventnor knitting group wondering why they let me win such a lovely door prize (which it is). I FINISHED my blanket stripe!!. It does have a few little pattern glitches in it since a little over half of it was knit with little miss sunshine jumping on my back saying"mommy stop your knitting, come play with me" I wanted it knit before our next Sit and Knit meeting which is this Wednesday. I finished it last night. definitely turned out wider than i would have liked but it is definitely 24 inches long. Made with a very nice Lion brand Jiffy Yarn (it was all I had on had at the knit-in we went to in Ventnor, NJ). It actually took almost the entire skein of yarn too, which surprised me. The remains went into a baggie of extra yarn for my next scrap blanket that i may eventually get around to making.

Now, one to another project. Another hat in the round perhaps (boy do I love that new skill)

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