Thursday, March 01, 2007

Where to Find the Time?

I seriously do not know where I am to find the time. I was so happy a few years ago when I found my old knitting needles in my Mom's house when I was cleaning out my old drawers. I was even happier when I discovered I remembered how to knit. A few quick searches and I could cast on, purl and bind off. I was set. I'd knit when the kids were sleeping or playing. I'd knit on the weekends or I even found a wonderful group that meets every other week around the corner practically and my MIL said she'd watch the girls for me. Not a problem. The girls didn't touch my knitting. All was fine and dandy for several months.

Then little miss lump of clay turned into crazy monkey jumping around everywhere, touching everything and OH THE HORROR pulling my needles off the yarn and UNRAVELLING my yarn. Not only was it driving me nuts but also some of my knitting buddies as well. Okay, so, I can only knit when she isn't around. Okay fine. She does settle down every so often and she is in preschool now. There is a huge however. I also have to do tons of other things when she isn't home or when she has these calm spells. Oh and don't suggest when she sleeps because little miss sunshine hardly ever sleeps. Even at night. She checks up on me. I think to make sure I am not knitting or something.

This is why sometimes it takes me forever to knit something. Where do I find the time? I am knitting a lace scarf (see previous posting) and it is probably at the same point it was before because I can barely get through one 4 row repeat when she finds me and I have to stop.

I can research all the yarn, patterns and books I want but to do the actual knitting is a little tricky. Perhaps next year I will have her in school longer. Just kidding.

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