Monday, March 05, 2007

Moonlight Madness

I went last night with a good friend of mine who scrapbooks to AC Moore's Moonlight Madness sale. It is a great concept. The leave the store open late on a Sunday night and put everything on 25% off sale but everything is only on sale between 6 - 9 PM.

I needed some needles for 2 projects I intend to do this year so I went. Notice I said this year instead of this month, this season, this week. I am beginning to learn my limitations. Anyway, the needles rarely ever go on sale so I figure a 25% off is better than nothing. I was very good. I only bought the 2 different needles I needed for the two projects I am pretty sure I am doing. Since I am finishing a sweater for princess, I need to make something for sunshine so one set is for her. The other is for a at least one throw, perhaps two.

Then I was very good. Since princess is crafty and she asked for a few things and had been sick I bought her a couple of pens for her scrapbooking and some floam. That is it. No yarn. No craft projects for the girls. No extra goodies I didn't need. I did look to see if that had Lion brands new organic cotton that I have been eyeing up but, they didn't. It might have been my one exception. they didn't have it, I didn't buy anything to replace it. There were women there with carts of yarn. Some with Homespun which comes in the most lovely shades of colorways and huge skeins and I HATE to knit with it. I almost said something but, I didn't. Some people might like it. It is very inexpensive. Just like some knitters don't like to knit with fun fur and I happen to think it is, well, fun and comes out looking very fluffy. There are others who can't stand it.

Well, at least I got my wooden circular needles on sale. I finally did one project using circulars so hopefully I won't shy away from them this time. Besides, I got them on sale at an AC Moore moonlight madness sale. What could be better?

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