Monday, March 26, 2007

What Is So Wrong With Fun Fur and Eyelash Yarns?

I have been reading a bunch of blogs since I signed up for this Knitter's Treat Exchange to see what other knitters are like outside of my own little world of knitter's group and to read their questionnaires if they filled it out yet. I think they still have a week to fill it in actually. I have been in awe of some of their knitting experiences and their talents. I have also been reading about their dislike for eyelash and fun fur type yarns. What I don't get is why? I know they aren't natural fibers and I know it is quite difficult to see the stitches in the needles but why such tremendous animosity towards these types of yarns. They aren't that expensive, they come in funky colors, they were very popular not to long ago.... wait, perhaps that is it. Perhaps it is knit overload when everyone they knew was asking for a scarf knit in these materials?

I mean, not that fun fur and eyelash is my favorite or anything, not that I want to receive it as a gift or anything or go out and buy tons of it, not that I could pass up on a recent sale of it when it was a $1 a ball in various lovely shades of striking colors, and not that I knit it every day but, I was just wondering why more than half of the knitters out there really thought of this as their least favorite yarn to knit with. Then again, not every knitter has a natural least favorite like me so they'd have to select something else.


Marion said...

It's too bad you're allergic to animal fibers. If only you could feel the softness of alpaca-wool.. Its Yummie-soft. :D

I think the angora and mohair are too hairy. I have cats that are hairy enough, don't want my socks or sweaters be hairy too *lol*

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Dotty said...

I too, noticed the distinct lack of enthusiasm for fun fur/acrylic yarns in a number of questionnaires. There's been a good discussion about acrylic yarns on Lolly's blog.

Too bad about your wool allergy tho. It certainly makes it harder for you to find nice yarn.

Jeanne said...

I think the nice thing about knitting is the options that exist in yarn, needles and patterns. So if people like one type of yarn over the other, that's ok! What a drag about your wool allergy - it must make it tough to find things to knit with!

Emily said...

Hi there and thanks for stopping by my blog!
Personally I dont like eyelash yarns because of a few reasons mainly of course the lack of anything natural about them. They tend to be an absolute nightmare to tink back if you make a mistake (much like mohair). I often get disappointed with the colour range in eyelash yarns too, over in the UK they seem to only come in bright, gaudy, almost luminous colours that I just don't like.

Good Kharma Bunny said...

Dont tell anyone but I love eyelash and fake fur yarns!!!
I've got lots, I use them for incorporating into braids, and in knitted bracelets and then felting them.
I suppose I dont use them for what they were intended, but I think they are cool!
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al x

Em said...

Oh you poor thing, allergic to wool! I guess you'll just have to make doo with silks and bamboo for your "luscious yarns".

My particular dislike of eyelash, etc, stems form the fact that, at the heart of it, I'm fairly old fashioned. Some of the things I like best of knitting are the old-time charm and quality of knitted goods, especially projects like lace shawls or cozy mittens. I don't usually knit to be "funky" , and if I would, it would still most likely be in colour choice of handpainteds than in 'novelty' yarns. I suppose, also, that I just wanted to be clear to my knit-swap partners that the yarns that would delight me are naturals, not novelties (is that selfish or honest?).

That said, I don't judge people who do like these yarns poorly! I have a vegan friend who knits almost exclusively in eyelash-type yarns, and she makes great scarves and things. There are also folks like yourself who are sadly allergic to animal fibres, and acrylics/eyelash/whatnot provide the variety that you're unable to get from all the various wools & mohairs out there.

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Kat said...

Hi! I used to like fun fur yarns, they knit lovely scarfs, but thats it. I would never wear a jumper knitted out of one, and socks would be horrendous. The only two things I can tolerate that are close to fun fur are Wendy Chic, which is almost liek feather, and makes a great trimming on felted bags, and Sirdar Snowflake, which is a cheneille type yarn. I thin the market was flooded with them too!

Suzie said...

Hi Sharon! The reason I'm not too crazy about eyelash and fun fur is I've burned out on them. I definitely went through a scarf phase using lots of novelty yarns, but that combined with some nightmare untangling made me swear off least for now.

Janine said...

For me, it's mostly about modification. I like novelty yarns - I just want to pick them out myself. Synthetics can be lovely or they can be horrible, just like natural fibers. The difference is that I can always change the colour of a natural fiber. Manmade fibers are much less accommodating :).

Janine said...

p.s. Thanks for being the first to de-lurk and comment on my blog :).

Anne said...

I think it's a combination of things for some:
- there are some really really terrible eyelash type yarns. Horrible colors and just.. bad. and I think those turn people off.
- they were terribly over used for a while, and you couldn't go anywhere without seeing those tube-scarf things made out of them - and sadly, often in the horrible colors mentioned above
- some folks just really dislike the feel of acrylics, or the look of the eyelash type yarns
- some folks are just yarn snobs and think it makes them seem .. I don't know what if they profess hatred for all things acrylic

Me? I think they're a nice addition on some projects - I don't like most things I've seen that have an over-abundance, but in the end, a lot of it is probably just personal preference!

Hrm. Not that I have any thoughts on it :D

- Anne who really should sign up for a different blogger account that doesn't lead to her work blog instead of her crafty one.

Jen!~ said...

I myself don't mind the acrylics or fun furs. I don't like mohairs though. They can be a big pain.

As for your wool allergies there are lots of new wool free yarns. Hemp, corn, and of course cotton.

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KayBee said...

Hi Sharon,

first thanks for visiting my blog, too.
I have to say, I like the fun furs to look at and to touch, but if you wear a sweater/jumper made from it, it makes you look one or two stone heavier, just puts on weight visually. It might be nice for size 0 or 1-people, but I'm so far from that size and that's the only reason, why I don't like it.
Additionally, I think you're right when suspecting that's a fashion thing - or knit overload, as you described it.

NYCityMama said...

thanks for the comments:~) I can't imagine being allergic to wool and alpaca, they are my faves!For me, fun fur and eyelash yarn just don't appeal to me, I like smooth yarn...

Teaandcakes said...

I don't really like fun furs or acrylics because you can't see what you're doing, I don't like the feel of them, and, well, I just prefer using natural fibres.
I don't think they're very versatile either - I mean, they're ok for scarves, but I've yet to see a flattering sweater made out of one (plus, it really would be a sweater in the most literal sense of the word!).
That's just me though :-)