Friday, March 16, 2007

Green Day

Little Miss Sunshine's favorite color is green, in fact, her favorite shade is lime green. We got a note home from her preschool that they would be celebrating St. Patrick's Day in her class at preschool today and to please wear green. You don't have to twist her arm twice to wear green. Off she went to school wearing her green dress, black leggings, lime green socks, and green sparkle shoes.

I had to speak to the director for the school for some reason or another and she told me that Miss Sunshine was in all her glory with all the green and loving life. In fact she is calling it Shammrock green now and painted up a bunch of them for everyone.

A shame we aren't really Irish but someone told me we are all a little Irish on St. Patrick's day. So, I guess little Miss Sunshine can enjoy her green day and enjoy it.

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