Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Entrepreneurial Daughter

The Princess tells me this morning she has a lot of things on her wish list of things she wants to buy and she can't wait till her birthday which is in October. She needs to earn money to buy those things on her list and the money can't go into her Disney trip fund. I say Okay. She wants to know how she can earn money other than take care of Spyder her dog (who lives at grandma's house), clean her room and tidy up after Sunshine and herself. I asked, what can you do? She said, I can go into the family business. I said, Okay. This Spring I am really not doing too many craft shows but more party favors so she really doesn't have ample opportunity but I am doing a few this summer. She said, Okay. What do you want to make? I want to make some fancy glycerin soaps, she tells me. Okay, I said, like what? Well, she did make some very lovely spring soaps that are at a Craft boutique at the moment. So, I did tell her if any of those sell, she will get the money from those. She got very excited. She did make them even though her mom designed the label and wrapped them.

She told me she wants to make some peppermint-pine leaves, some candy smelling flowers and hearts, maybe some layered soaps and get some toys or bracelets to put in some soap. I though, how creative. She even told me she liked the smell of rose but I thought that was too much for her target audience of kids.

I told her when I do the shows, she has to go with me to sell her own soaps and what ever else she makes because it will be her items to sell and her money to make. She agreed and got very excited. Not sure if she knows what she got herself into. Not sure I know what I got myself into. Should be interesting.

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