Friday, March 30, 2007

No Sheep For You Swap

Resistance is futile. Especially when it comes to swaps. I just have a difficult time doing it. My two closest soap friends, Ela and Cindy could not believe I went cold turkey on not doing soap swaps for three whole months in 2006. Cindy still asks if I am holding out on her like I did a secret swap or something and not tell her. Ela wouldn't have believed it if she hadn't seen it with her own eyes when she was here last weekend and saw it with her own two eyes when I only had two boxes to show her from this year. She was amazed. She was shocked. She was very surprised. She was happy to take home some soap even though it wasn't her usual amount. (I give away the soaps I get that I can't use like the ones with animal fats and oils or lanolin or other ingredients I am allergic to)

Btw, a soap swap is very different from a knitting swap so not to confuse you. We do have one on one swaps and secret swaps too but those are few and far between. Usually a soap swap is where there is a host/hostess who sets the number of swappers who in turn send in that number of items be it soap, lotion, bath salts, etc. Then you get one of each item from each participate back in your box. So, if there were 20 different swappers, you send in 20 of the same thing but get 20 different items back. I was doing 2-5 of these a month (number of participates varied though from one on one to I think my max. swap was 50)

Okay so here we are, it is March, I have done 2 soap swaps already, am signed up for I think 2 more so far, I am supposed to do three for this one group automatically by years end, so that makes another 5 I still need to do, I am sure there will be more because who can resist a soap swap?!?!

Now my new problem: yarn/knit exchange/swaps. If I can't resist a soap swap, how can I resist these?!?! I am doing the Knitter's treat Exchange and Sally tunes me into the No Sheep for You Swap so, of course, I had to sign up. How could I resist first a swap and second a swap that included non-wool items? I just couldn't. I really couldn't. Plus it is Interweave. Plus Amy Singer is coming to my neck of the woods this August and I am going to meet her if at all possible with book in hand.

I am not only going to be doing soap swaps, I am going to be doing yarn/knitting swaps. The mail carrier is going to hate me this year even more, LOL I do hope knitters love handmade soap.

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Sue J. said...

So glad to know there is someone else who is as weak in the knees as I am when it comes to swaps/exchanges. I joined the same two you did. Now if I could just learn to resist KAL's............
Hapy Knitting