Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Things I would like to knit when I find the time

I definitely have the yarn in my stash, the patterns in my library, I just need to find the time to knit them and the patience to sit. oh and getting little miss sunshine to not try to pull out my needles or unravel my yarn. Please do not tell me I have to wait till she is in school full days or off to college (eek!) As soon as she seems to see me pull out the yarn, she has to attack me or it. Poor me. Poor yarn!

Baby Poncho

I know a few people having babies this year. I can either get them store bought gifts, make baby blankets, I have one or three made already, or make cute ponchos out of different yarn than shown here but you can get the idea.

The Good Guest Dress

The Princess saw this in one of my new pattern books and fell in love with it. She selected a yarn for it from one of my splurges and keeps asking when am I making it for her. I distracted her with a sweater in the meantime since this is slightly a bit more complex than I am used to knitting and will take longer than I am used to as well. She did pick a yearn that I won't need to strip like this but will have the same shaping at least. Maybe she will get lucky and have it for 1st grade.

I have had the yarn for something like this shawl for my Mom for almost a year now. I am still not 100% set on a pattern yet. I did finally get the yarn wound into balls but, I am not crazy over any pattern for lace. Then once I knit it, will I be willing to hand something I painstakingly knitted over to my Mother? I am pretty sure I will be able to since it is my Mother of course, the woman who raised me, puts up with all my complaining, pains, cries with me, and all my joys and happiness. She deserves it of course. I guess that is why I can't settle on anything. Nothing would be perfect enough for her.

Now to find the time

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