Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Back to Reality

I have a week long craft show where the drop off is this weekend so, back to reality for me. If you'd like to see my soap goodies and want something to do starting Tuesday a sampling of my soap goodies and other tidbits will be at the Spring Craft Boutique from March 20 - 25 weekdays 10-9; Saturday and Sunday 10-5 at 181 Park Avenue, Chalfont, PA

Little Miss Sunshine helped me make some Dead Sea Bath Salts and some Hawaiian and Sea Kelp Bath Soak today. She loved mushing the sealed bags to blend the mixtures and kept smelling the peppermint and Rosemary oils and saying, "Mommy, that is so delicious!"

I decided to go with just some of my Goat's Milk Lotion since it has been very dry and it is my most moisturizing lotion (and I do so love the scent)

I made and put on some of my Aunt Harriet's Madagascar Vanilla on my lips. It is soooo smooth and yummy. I just love those little roll on bottles. they are so cute and smooth on the lips. How do people not just love these things?

We have a couple more things on our to do list, like make some cute toy soaps that are seasonal. Perhaps flowers, or bunnies, little ducks or something like that. Of course last but not least labels, labels, labels

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