Saturday, March 17, 2007

Snow in March?

You bet! Little Miss Sunshine (note the green coat, sorry, hand-me-down snow pants) had to go outside in it and decided to attempt to clean it up. She did fail miserably but at least she attempted. It is more than I can say for her father. I really can't fault her for wanting to go outside. I had told her father that if it looked really bad out, then to get a hotel room near work and just stay near there or he has a friend that lives close to work (about 5 minutes from work) crash on her couch instead of attempting to make it home. We live half an hour from where he works on a good, no traffic day. In a bad day or snow filled day it can get pretty bad. Plus we live off of 2 hills. He could not get his 20 plus year old heap of junk of a car in our driveway. So, I went out to help him attempt #1 to get it in but, of course, I was useless. So, smart man that he is, drove it further down the hill and tried to go around where he got even more stuck. Now he insisted I get both girls dressed in their snow gear, drag their little fannies outside so that we could help push his car to gosh knows where in attempt #2 and 3. By the time I found all their gear, got them shoved into all of it, I guess he realized how ridiculous all that sounded. He left his car at the bottom of the hill on our street and was back in the house. Princess was all to eager to take everything off but Little Miss Sunshine was like you shoved me in this stuff now I am getting good use out of it. So outside She and I went. Hubby left the shovel outside from when he tried to dig the snow from under his car so she picked it up and tried to shovel the walkway. It was so cute. She got extra treats last night for being a real trooper.

BTW, those white dots in the picture are snow and ice still falling. Not my poor picture taking which is usually the case.

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