Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Poor Frogged Yarn

I think I have frogged this poor skein of Sugar & Cream about 4 times now. It has always been a washcloth, which I have done at lease 100 of before but this year I have decide to switch it up a bit and do different ones than my regular mill square and my regular mill round to give a bit of variety. Of course, that is what is getting me into trouble because I just can't seem to find a pattern that I can make that I can do in my sleep, so to speak like my run of the mills that I love.

The first one I started didn't look quite right and didn't quite show a pattern. The second one, wasn't showing the colors at all for some reason. the third, well, I forgot I had started it and I completely forgot what pattern I was making. hey, like that never happened to you. The fourth, well that was just yesterday and well, that just looked odd to me, little triangles, then pick up stitches. I am not afraid of the short row. heck the round washcloth is all about the short row. Knit x number of stitches, turn, etc. This one however was not a good one to start when you are watching a bunch of toddlers though. Note to self: never start a pattern you need to remember a bunch of complex repeats when watching a bunch of toddlers. Ribbit Ribbit.

So, I went back through my handy dandy lovely Dishcloth Boutique and found another cloth to try. I tell you I love that web site. It definitely has given me tons of washcloth options therefore when one option doesn't work, I can easily find another without pulling more hair out of my head.


Kat said...

I know this feeling, its even worse when its not your fault and the pattern is acutually wrong!!

Suzie said...

I love the DB too! Fun patterns!

Jennifer said...

I love the expression frogging! But I hate doing it... maybe that's why I crochet so often.
Thanks for your comment on the fairy mum... I really love that giraffe as well. I was going to put my yarn away, but he keeps calling to me!

Lunabud Knits said...

LOL! I've done that three times to a baby blanket that I started Sunday! Just can't seem to be getting it just right....lol