Thursday, March 08, 2007


I am so excited!!! A very good friend of mine just emailed me to tell me she is expecting!! I am so happy for her. She is a little bit older and waited a little bit for her prince charming so I am so happy that they are expecting a little prince or princess so soon. Also gives me the opportunity to live vicariously through another friend

This makes two of my close friends who are pregnant this year. For someone who wanted a very larger family for so long, I am okay with just living vicariously through others. I look at my Princess and my little Sunshine and am very happy with what I have. They both give me great joy (and heartache) every day. I love watching them both grow up and watching them both develop into young ladies. I am not sure I could go through the whole baby thing all over again.

Anyway, I am very happy for both my friends who are having babies. One will get to experience having a third child and one will get to experience having her first and all that comes with it. I can be there for both. For the one having her third I can be there to watch the older two, help her out when she needs a helping hand and be an adult she can speak with when she needs one. To the one who is having her first I can be there for her when she has questions, concerns and just be there when she needs to talk to someone but not give too much advice because, she does need to enjoy her first experience as well.

I need to go an look at all those baby patterns I flip past. Little baby patterns are so much easier to knit and I now have a few reasons to make them :-)

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