Saturday, July 14, 2007

Backyard Fun!

Today was a fun day. Each girl had a friend over and we took out the slip and slide, the ride on toys, BBQed lunch, had lemonade, mango punch, veggie sticks, watermelon, blueberries, popsicles and tons and tons of fun. I even found time to get some knitting in and snapped a quick picture with my camera phone (that's why it is so fuzzy) when I finished outside.

You'd think the girls would be mellow but Ms. Sunshine just finished round 5 of her exercise program and the Princess and her father are wrestling over her Nintendo DS and I think I need to go referee that battle. She is actually right.

We do need to do more of the outside meal thing though. The girls really loved it.

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Channon said...

Sounds absolutely lovely! We need more outside meals too. We grill often enough, but we haven't enjoyed our deck at mealtime yet this year!