Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What Was I Thinking?

Ever buy yarn, take it home, have the perfect project for it, cast on, knit a few rows and then go, "what was I thinking"?!? I had such a moment this morning. I bought two skeins of this yarn that is cotton candy pink and it looks like cotton candy too, very fluffy. I thought it would be perfect for a baby girl item, specifically a baby poncho. I even bought it on sale. Keyword there I guess is S A L E.

I cast on last night with the recommended needles of US 8, knit 5 or 6 rows and it was awful! I hated the feel, I hated the way it looked, I hated the entire project already. I put it down and figured perhaps I'd find the love in the morning. SO, this morning I picked it back up and knit another 10 rows. Guess what?! I still hated it!!! It is AWFUL!! It does look like cotton candy but it is no fun to knit at all. I pulled the entire thing out and switched to larger needles. 10.5 US. Maybe that would make me happier. I do prefer the larger needles after all. Cast on, knit my rows to get me back to where I was and you guessed it. I STILL hate it.

I have two skeins of this cotton candy crap that I hate. Need to frog what is on my needles, select a new yarn for my poncho and hide this yarn deep down in my stash or find a taker for it. Terrific. Oh the yarn is called Sirdar Snowflake Chunky Magic and each skein is 137 yards. Just cause I'm not a fan doesn't mean you won't.


Bubblesknits said...

I had something like that once! I was determined to make a poncho for Miss Priss out of it, but I couldn't stand to knit with the yarn. I think I ended up giving it to someone at the knit shop. LOL

Anonymous said...

i've been there...i wanted to teach my friend to knit so went to joann's to buy some 'cheap' yarn for a scarf...it was so horrible and so very hard to knit with. i felt like that in itself would keep my friend from wanting to knit!
VVS pal

anne marie said...

used sirdar once for some now-forgotten project.

this yarn sucks on toast!

hopefully you didn't pay too much for it.

Channon said...

Haven't used Sirdar, but based on your experience and Anne's, I won't. Perhaps someone out there loves it, and will want to rescue it. I actually have a swap pal LOVING Noro, so it can happen!

Lynn said...

I have some of this in my stash!!! I LOVE the way it feels, so soft and squishy, but I can't imagine knitting it up into ANYTHING!! Oh wait, maybe a fun scarf for Baby Girl. That seems to be the way of all the novelty yarn these days. Or even as a trim to a sweater. I could handle it that much, but not any more!